Monday, December 19, 2011

Who am I?

This is a response to a lot of interesting hits I see coming to my blog, and a private message someone just sent me on Twitter.

I have been a book blogger before. Several years ago I had an extended hospital stay. That's when I found my love of reading, during five months of therapy after an accident. That is also how I became interested in weight training and body building.

I'm thrilled to finally have a Kindle because I can read it while I'm working out and sometimes at my job when I'm on phone duty. I get to sit at a desk for several hours a day at least one day a week and answer a phone that might ring ten times. So I have a lot of time on my hands. And now I don't have to lug books back and forth. I can just download the newest free Kindle books.

I will review books that are not free but I made the mistake of buying a few books that were not worth it when I first got my Kindle recently. So I love the freebies. But I also do not mind paying for books (this is in response to the Twitter message I just received).

I still barely maintain my other book blog but it's not for erotica. I'm a little older now and I like my fiction with a bit more porn these days.

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