Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Housewives in Love - Marlene Sexton

Housewives in LoveHousewives in Love by Marlene Sexton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was okay. I will not leave this review at Amazon because I think it only reflects my personal opinion. For me, this book lacked passion but I may have had unfair expectations. I only downloaded this book tonight and I read it before a lot of other books I had on my list because it looked like a good, quick lesbian romp, which I love to read about. Again, I think my expectations were too high. But I also felt there were many parts of this book where some of the best action was glossed over when it could have been more detailed and a much greater turn-on. It was dry. I feel weird saying that after reading all about the juices in the book, but I would definitely call this book dry.

I just didn't have much of a physical reaction to this book but it's far from the worst lesbian erotic book I have ever read. I would probably give this author another chance.

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Note: There were a few proofreading errors but nothing that interfered with the flow of the book.

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the honest review. Most of my erotica is longer (8000 to 15000 words) and is probably more suited to your tastes. This was a quicky for promotional purposes. Thanks again!